Our Mission

This is simple. Our mission is to bring our customers a variety of ever changing flavors and unique blends of only high quality hot sauces and spice mixtures with no artificial ingredients or fillers.

Our Story

Our story started when I had some left over peppers from the garden. I love hot sauce as well as fine foods. So I thought, why not combine these two passions and see what happens. After enough positive feedback and the comment, “This is the best hot sauce I have ever had”, which was the fire that lit the torch to get this thing started, I decided to move forward with no delay.

Our Approach

Our approach is pretty straight forward. Use high quality ingredients with traditional and outside the box flavors, while adhering to strict food safety guidelines set forth by the USDA and FDA.

Our Philosophy

Keep the ingredients simple, and processing to a minimum. Source all produce locally when available. Keep the local community thriving and collaborate with local charity events as often as possible.

“Food is merely a platform for condiments.”
― Peter Marshall